Company:Alaskan Essences Inc.
Founder:Steve Johnson
Address: PO Box 1369
99603 Homer, AK
United States
Phone:+1 406 642 3670
Fax:+1 406 642 3672

Alaskan Essences

In 1983, my job as a wilderness fire fighter allowed me to be stationed in a remote village situated on the northern shore of Lake Minchumina, the largest lake in the interior of Alaska. Located in the geographical center of the state, Lake Minchumina sits like a jewel in the crown of the Alaska Range, with an imposing view of Denali, the tallest mountain on the North American continent. It was here in this pristine wild flower paradise that I began preparing the Alaskan Flower Essences.

I founded the Alaskan Flower Essence Project in January of 1984 to coordinate the preparation and research of new flower essences from the extensive and unique ecological regions of the state. That summer, I pioneered the concept of co-creating essences directly from the environment with the preparation of the Solstice Storm essence.

Shabd-sangeet Khalsa joined the project as a co-founder in the fall of 1984, bringing her considerable botanical expertise and extensive knowledge of native Alaskan flora. Shabd-sangeet worked very closely with the project preparing and researching essences until 1991. During this eight year period, she was the initial preparer of 42 of the essences now featured in our repertory.

In 1985 Janice Schofield, a well-known herbalist and author, contributed a series of flower essences from the Kachemak Bay and Rocky River areas of Alaska.

My job as a fire fighter continued to provide me with many unique and awe inspiring opportunities to observe nature and to prepare flower and environmental essences in other remote areas of the state. In 1991, after 15 seasons of fighting fire in Alaska, I retired and moved myself and the business to Homer, a small coastal town in the south-central part of the state.

In Homer I was joined in my research and teaching activities by Jane Bell, a flower essence therapist and educator. The scope of our work together expanded in the summer of 1992 when Jane and I co-created the forty-eight Alaskan Gem Elixirs. Jane and I continue to prepare and research new essences but our main focus is the ongoing development and facilitating of our Practitioner Certification and Training Programs.

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